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Mold Information

• Milling

• Grinding

• Finishing

• Polishing

• Assembly

Frequently, multiple “mold/part design” iterations are required to get to a final functional part. Medical and OEM LSR (liquid silicone rubber) customers are almost always on tight timelines. The Legu-Casco tool making partnership gives us the unique ability to complete the product development process under one roof:

     •     Product Design

     •     Mold Design

     •     Mold Making

     •     Mold Testing & De-bug

     •     Part and Mold Adjustments

     •     Part Acceptance

     •     High Volume Production

Our goal is to be able to “re-sample” your silicone or plastic component in the molding machine within 4 working days of receiving a revised part design.

• Jigs & Fixtures: Manufacturing, Assembly & Inspection  

• Gages

• Prototypes

• General Machining

• Plastic and Silicone Secondary Operation Fixtures:

• Turning

• CNC Machining

• Heat Treating

• Fitting

Cold runner valve gate, for direct gating of parts or minimizing LSR generation

3 Plate style, ideal for when multiple LSR gates/drops are required

Convention plate core & cavity set insert style

Service Capabilities

Our “Core & Cavity Set” insert philosophy is tailored to lower your upfront “tooling charge” investment as well as provide quick turn-a-round. To facilitate this, we have a series of mold bases of varying configurations:

Including Ultrasonic Welding, Punching, De-Flashing Fixtures and Jigs

Types of Service